Thursday, June 23, 2016

Goodbye Elder Rasmussen

Goodbye Elder Covey

Zone Conference in Antsirabe

Well this week has been pretty crazy. We had zone conference in Antsirabe which is about 3 hours south of Tana. We drove down with president and stayed there a couple days and made it back in time to solidify the transfers and make the calls. Then we got the group going home all ready to go all weekend and babysat them. 

And somewhere in all the craziness we took care of making sure everyone else gets where they need to for transfers. It has been a super crazy week and I have literally like 10 minutes to write this so it's going to be way short. But this last week has been good, but really weird. 

We just sent off the group going home today and it feels way weird. That was Elder Covey and Elder Rasmussen's group. That means that my group is officially the next group to go home. I can't believe that. I still feel like I should have forever on my mission. I hope that these six weeks go by really slow. I love the mission so much and I'm not ready to go home. I guess it has to happen some day though. But I'll try to write more next week if I can.

 Have a great week! Love you all! 

Love, Elder Glazier

Monday, June 13, 2016

Zone Conference Tamatave

This week was great! Last monday we had a zone activity and went the this really nice soccer field that they have a little ways outside of Tana. you have to pay to rent it, so it's super nice! It's astroturf! It was tons of fun! We got to play for a couple hours and just have a great time! I love soccer so much! Then Tuesday-Thursday we worked our area and also did a couple of splits! It was great! I got to work with a couple of great elders that are doing really well. We also took a day to work our area and found a couple of cool families. Hopefully they decide to accept the message. We have one two families we are really focusing on right now. One is the niece of our recent converts we just baptized and her family. They are really cool and seem interested in the message we have. The other on is this cool family we tracted into. They have three little kids. They haven't come to church yet, but just committed to a baptismal date on July 30! I hope they will come to church and make their date! 

Then on Friday we woke up at 5 and drove to Tamatave. When we got there at around 1 we went straight to the church where the missionaries were waiting for us to have zone conference. It was a good conference. We were a little short on time so I had to cut my lesson down a lot which was kind of a bummer, but it's alright. Everyone (including me) would rather hear from president than from me anyway. Then we woke up saturday and drove back to Tana. When we got there that evening we had some things to take care of to help some missionaries and then sunday was good. We went out and worked our area again. That was about all that happened. And then today was really fun! We got all the missionaries in Tana together and had a big, huge basketball tournament. It was really fun. I think everyone really enjoyed it. 

As far as me manokana (muh-noo-kuh-uh) (personally) I am doing great! It's weird that Elder Rasmussen and Elder Covey are going home next week, but they aren't really trunky, so that's good. We have been staying busy. But one cool thing is we always make time to get in our studies even when we wake up really early and have tons of things to do all day and end up getting home really late. It is so important to always find time to study the holy scriptures. In my studies today I read about Captain Moroni and how firm he was in the faith. I love Alma 48:16-17. "16 And also, that God would make it known unto them whither they should go to defend themselves against their enemies, and by so doing, the Lord would deliver them; and this was the faith of Moroni, and his heart did glory in it; not in the shedding of blood but in doing good, in preserving his people, yea, in keeping the commandments of God, yea, and resisting iniquity.
 17 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men."
Moroni gloried in keeping the commandments of God and in doing good. That is why satan would have no power if everyone was like Moroni. He had no desire to sin, he just wanted to please God. I want to become like that too! That's the goal here on Earth is to lose all desire to sin and to learn to choose the right all the time. 
Anyway, have a great week everyone! Love you all tons!!!
Love, Elder Glazier

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zone Conference

This week was great! We had two zone conferences that we did and we made it on a couple of splits. The zone conferences both went great. President asked all 4 of the assistants to share a little lesson. 

The topic of the conference was being a full-purpose, full-time missionary. It was really good. I chose to share a little lesson about integrity and what it really means to have and honor our integrity and how that will help us be a full-purpose, full-time missionary. I think it went well. Everyone participated well and seemed to enjoy it. Other than that splits are still going great.

 We are getting to know lots of missionaries and being able to help them out a lot. I love getting to go on splits and help other missionaries. 

This last week I've been working on trying to do better at pondering the scriptures and the things I've been studying. I've decided that enough apostles have talked about it that maybe I should stop being ignorant and disobedient and try a little harder to apply it. It's been really cool to see the change in myself. It still requires effort and isn't natural to be constantly thinking about the scriptures and stuff like that, but I've noticed the Holy Ghost with me more when I do. Our mind is always going to be filled so that means either we can fill it or we can wait and let the world fill it. It's up to us to take an active role in who we are and what goes on in our minds every minute of every day. 

I hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Elder Glazier

I'd like to give a shoutout to Henson, Mom, Lilly, and Kristan who all have birthdays this week! I hope you all have a great day! Love you all! Happy Birthday!

Back to Tamatave!!!

This week has been really good. We continued our splits. We finished up in Antsirabe and got back to tana for half of a day, and then the next day (tuesday) drove 6 hours to Tamatave. I got to drive which was fun. I feel like a racecar driver driving here. Our car is a stick shift which is way cool, and then all of the roads are barely wide enought for two cars, and they're super curvey, and there is trees lining both sides on the way here, so everytime you pass someone you feel way cool! haha 

We have gone on splits everyday while we've been here. I've gotten to see a few of my old investigators and recent converts which was a lot of fun. My favorite lesson I taught was with Elder Johnson. He is the zone leader up here and working in my old area. We had just had a great split, and the last lesson we had was a guy I found and taught named Rado. He is about 30 and teaches french. He isn't married yet, but he's a great guy! He got baptized right after I left. But we went to teach him and Elder Johnson started the lesson different than I was expecting. He asked him how he had changed since the first time he met the missionaries and how his relationship with God has gotten stronger. It was amazing to sit there and listent Rado talk about how before we met him he used to go to clubs every weekend and get drunk and do all kinds of bad things, but after about a month of learning from us he decided he needed to stop doing those things and start taking our message seriously. When he was telling us that, I remembered exactly that day. I was with Elder Bingham and we were thinking about dropping Rado. When we got there he told us he was done with clubs and that he was coming to church the next day. From that day on he completely changed. Now he is a totally different person and he is so much happier! I really felt the spirit during that lesson this week and I know that Elder Johnson was guided by the spirit to ask those questions. I know that this gospel is true and that it brings us so much happiness! I love being a missionary and getting to share that with everyone! If you are questioning whether or not it's true or if you feel like life is hard or unfair, examine your life and see what principle of the gospel you could be living better. God didn't put us here to suffer, but to have joy. I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Glazier