Monday, April 18, 2016

Anjanahary week 8

Hey Everybody,

This week has been great! We had a couple really slow days of taking care of a sick Elder, but it's okay, I'm glad we could help him out. He is doing a lot better now and is out working with his companion! We went on a split on Thursday with two pretty young missionaries. It was fun. They are doing good. We tried this new thing the Apostles are pushing for where when we go on a split we bring the missionaries into our area instead of going and working in theirs. It worked pretty well. We did a lot of knocking doors, because our program is still pretty empty, but we are getting more and more investigators! I'm hoping that soon we will be able to have at least one (hopefully two) days with a full program. Then when we go on splits we could bring the missionaries to our area on those days and show them how we teach in our area and how we interact with our investigators and stuff. I think it will really help! 

We also got to watch conference this week!!!!!! It was soooo good! I loved all of the talks! A few of my favorites were Elder Nelson's Talk, "The Price of Priesthood Power" that he gave in the priesthood session, Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson's "Do I Believe" in the Sunday morning session, but of course my favorite talk was Elder Holland's talk in the Sunday Afternoon Session, "Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders among you". I love that. We are imperfect beings trying to be perfect, and as long as we are trying God is happy with us. It's when we give up when he we disappoint Him. I love how he talked about Heavenly Father's love for us. He said, "Brothers and sisters, the first and great commandment of all eternity is to love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength. That is the first great commandment. But the first great truth of all eternity is that God loves us with all of His heart, might, mind, and strength." I had never thought about it that way. When we are working to love God with our entire being we are just reciprocating the love that He already has for us. I learned a lot this conference. I learned how to be a better son, friend, father/husband (someday), priesthood holder, and a better disciple of Christ. I also received personal revelation from the Holy Ghost of specific things I need to change/work on in my own life. I know that the Prophet, the apostles, and all the other general authorities and leaders of the church are called of God and are led by the spirit to say what God would say if He were standing at the pulpit. Jesus Christ lives and He guides His church through our living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Glazier

Monday, April 4, 2016

Anjanahary week 7

Salama Ry Fianakaviako! Hello Family!

I hope everyone is doing great. Everything is going amazing here! This week was great! I wrote two days ago so there isn't a whole lot to say.

 I pretty much only have one thing to update on. That's our investigators. Harilala and Tina are doing AMAZING!!!! We taught them twice this week and at our second time with them we committed them to come to church. They accepted, but seemed a little unsure. We reassured them and promised them blessings if they would come. Then today when we pulled into the church and we were getting out of the car, they came walking into the gate! We were so so so happy to see them! They came and loved it, and everyone was so nice to them and welcomed them great! I think they will come from now on!

 Oh, and our ward has this deaf guy named jules and today was my lucky day. I've been trying to learn a little bit of sign language and I got to translate his testimony. I'm sad to say I kind of just made up a testimony... oops. but then I translated for him for the next two hours of church and learned a ton and now I can communicate with him a little bit. it's way cool! He is so converted, and his testimony is founded on such simple truths. It's amazing! Every time we see him all he talks about is the gospel and how true it is and how it has to be the center of our lives! Right now he is working on learning American Sign Language so that he can go to the temple. He speaks this sign language that he calls "malagasy sign language" but it's just a bunch of signs he made up. It's way cool! But that's all the vaovao (news) I've got for this week!

 I hope you all enjoyed conference! We will get to watch it next week which is going to be amazing! I'm so excited to get to hear the words of the living prophet! I know that if we will prepare our hearts and come to conference with a question it will be answered in something that you hear or feel. The Holy Ghost is the teacher and he knows exactly what you need.

 Have a great week everyone! Love you all!
Love, Elder Glazier 

Anjanahary week 6

Hey Everyone!!!

This week has been great! We got to go visit a city called Tulear. It is a pretty city on the south west coast of the country. It took us three days to drive down there. It was great to get to go down there and to see the missionaries who work there. They normally fly there and back when they get transferred, but because it's transfers this week we just took the missionaries transferring down with us and brought the ones leaving back with us. It was a lot of fun to have them. I love getting to interact with all of the missionaries! Other than working with the missionaries, I'd have to say the highlight of the trip was getting to see Boabab trees! They are sooo cool! Most types of Boababs only grow here in Madagascar. 

Our investigators are doing great! We have taught them twice this week and I'm convinced that God has been preparing these people for years! They are so ready to accept the gospel! We taught them about the plan of salvation and talked a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we have to have faith, repent, be baptized by water, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end if we want to be saved. When we asked if they had questions she asked, "So I have faith, and I'm trying to repent everyday, but I'm not baptized, so help me figure out where I'm at on the steps... What do I need to do?" So we challenged them to be baptized and they both accepted! They are going to be baptized on June 4th!!!! We also received another referral from their son who brought them to us. We are going to go teach them on sunday. It's so awesome! God is guiding us straight to the people who are ready to change and come unto Him.

I know that the gospel is true and that Heavenly Father knows us individually. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and received revelation from God. He is a true prophet. I know The Book of Mormon is true. If we read it everyday and ask for the spirit God will guide us throughout every day. 

Have a great week everyone!
Love, Elder Glazier