Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Goodby to the coast

Some Awsome people that we work with

Anjanahary week 2

Salama Daholo!!! Inona vaovao?!

  This week was great! It was transfer week so it was pretty crazy. We woke up at like 5 or 5:30 pretty much every morning and got to bed at about midnight.   I am still trying to adjust to my new area. It's great though. I love working with Elder Covey. He is a great missionary and we're super good friends. Our whole missions we've been pretty close and we haven't really worked too far apart from each other so we already know each other really well. This week we had some pretty cool things happen. We drove down to Antsirabe (3 hours south of Tana) on Friday to take some missionaries down there for the transfer and to bring some back up to tana. It was a lot of fun to get to stop down there for a couple of hours and go to lunch with the missionaries there. Then on Saturday we had the real treat. Elder Covey and I got to drive Elder Van Reenen around. Elder Van Reenen is the area 70 for madagascar and he came down for some big meeting he had here with President Foote and all the stake leaders in the country. But Elder Covey and I got the chance to drive him to and from his hotel and the airport and stuff. It was way cool. Just the two of us with a member of the 70 Saturday night we took him back to his hotel after their meeting and he asked us if we wanted to come in and talk for a bit so we went into the lobby of the nicest hotel in Madagascar and got juice with Elder Van Reenen and just got to ask him questions and talk with him. He is a great man and I learned a ton from him! I hope that some day I can know the scriptures as well as he does and be able to apply them as well as him. He can apply the scriptures in every aspect of life. That is what's so cool about the scriptures, they are written specifically for us and can help us find direction in our lives. 
Then on Sunday we took him to church and out to the airport. Luckily I convinced Elder Covey to translate for Elder Van Reenen so I didn't have to. It was a close one!  I hate translating and I'm horrible at it!!! It is way hard because it doesn't just translate straight across, but there is a whole different thought process when you speak malagasy so you have to try to change the thought of the sentence and then translate it from there. Kind of a fun experience. I'm going to have to get good though because I'm going to be doing it a lot the next little bit.

 Hope you all had a great week! Love y'all! 

Love, Elder Glazier

Anjanahary week 1

Hey everyone!!!

It has been a great week, but kind of a sad one.

 It started off awesome just like every other week. Elder Rasmussen and I were pretty sure this was our last week together so we set some really tough goals to try to hit. We really wanted to kill it our last week. We were so excited. So on tuesday I got to go on a split with a malagasy Elder in our zone named Elder Randrianavalona (rawn-jee-on-uh-vol-oo-nuh). It was a great split. We taught tons of times and had a lot of fun. Then while we were in our last time President called and gave us transfer news. It was a little earlier than we were expecting, but he said that he needed me and Elder Rasmussen to split up and he wanted me to come back to Tana to work in an area called Anjanahary (on-dzawn-uh-hah-ry). I was way sad. I have loved working with Elder Rasmussen. He is an incredible missionary and an amazing friend. We had so much fun, worked insanely hard, and got a lot of stuff done. It was definitely my favorite two transfers of my mission. I couldn't have wished for anything more on my mission. But president didn't just strip me of a great companion, he gave me another one.

 I am going to be working with Elder Covey here in the capitol city of tana. He was my second companion and is one of the best missionaries on the mission. I am so so so excited to get to work with him again. So on thursday Elder Glazier got on a bus and made a 9 hour bus ride by himself back to Tana. Now I'm working with Elder Covey. It's going to be so much fun. He works so hard and is such a great example of how to be a missionary. I hope you are all doing well! Have a great week! The book is blue, and the church is true! 

Love, Elder Glazier 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tomasina, a beautiful place

Tomasina week 23

Well this week was good.

 Absolutely nothing cool/new happened though. We have just been hitting our area really hard and trying to keep all of the progressing investigators that we have. We really want to get them all coming to church and baptized! That would be so awesome!!! But Elder Rasmussen and I are pretty bummed because transfers are next week so this will probably be our last week together. We have had so much fun together, and the dream team did work! We have been so blessed to be led to those that God has prepared to hear this message. One of our big things has been finding the elect that will help the branch and who will be ready to change their lives. It has been so amazing to see the miracles God has given us. I know that this is God's great work and He is at the head of it. Mazotoa amin'ny asan'Andriamanitra! Be diligent in God's work! have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Glazier

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey y'all! 

Everything here is going great! Elder Rasmussen and I are having tons of fun together, and we have been blessed to see tons of miracles! 

This week we got a call from this less active family that just moved from tana and they asked us to come visit them. When we got there Elder Rasmussen knew him! He had taught them in his old area in tana. We shared a little vatsim-panahy (spiritual thought) with them, and then they told us they want to get active again. It is a couple and they have one little baby girl. They are way cool. Only the husband is a member, and they aren't legally married which causes some problems, but they want to return and hopefully want to get married. I'm way excited to teach them.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet week compared to the last few weeks. But one thing Elder Rasmussen and I have been focusing a lot on is a scripture in 3Nephi 27:27. It says, What manner of men ought ye to be? Even as I am. It is Jesus teaching the apostles in America. I love that. It's a huge commandment, but it helps you keep life in perspective. That is our ultimate goal is to become like Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.
This week we had ward conference and the 2nd counselor in the mission presidency came. He is a malagasy guy. He gave an amazing talk! The theme of his talk was "Let us want/loved to obey." And i love it  in Malagasy because to love and to want to are the same word. It needs to be our desire to be obedient, and then we will love it. And it really made me think about my life and ask myself, "why do I obey?" Is it because I love my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and want to make them happy and be like them? Or is it because that is what is expected of me? Or is it because I'm afraid of what people will think if I don't? Or some other reason? There are a million different reasons to be obedient, and that is better than being disobedient, but we will receive even more blessing and become a changed person if we will obey for the right reason -- love. Just a little something to think about during the week! 

Have a great week! Love you all!

Love, Elder Glazier